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What Is Ethical SEO? (Search Engine Optimization)

posted by admin 12:05 PM
Friday, August 16, 2019

What Is Ethical SEO?

Humans crave ethics. Ethically-sourced. Ethically-raised. We’re drawn to the idea of ethics because it gives us a framework to understand the impact of our existence.

Humans study moral philosophy whether they intend to or not. We use our judgments about the rightness or wrongness of actions as a foundation for making our own decisions.

The ethics we adopt help define us personally and as a society.

Faced with our limited imprint on time and vastness of existence, let’s do what everyone does.

Let’s Google it.

Hey Google, What’s the Definition of Ethics in SEO?

What Is Ethical SEO?“Ethical SEO can be defined as search engine marketing using only techniques and strategies that search engines consider to be acceptable.”

If we expand out on this thought, there are some interesting nuisances.

  • Ethics are defined whether a search engine finds the technique or strategy acceptable.
  • The companies that build search engines.
  • Ethics are limited to techniques and strategies.
  • Ethics are relative to each search engines.

Bots aren’t “moral” devices. Neither are websites.

Each search engine has its own version of what is acceptable. Two search engines could have acceptable strategies or techniques that directly conflict. You only have one site.

Ethical SEO for one search engine would be unethical for the other.

This is where real-life humans come in.

Whatever decisions are made, the code will inherit their stands of good as bad. It will carry their blind spots and biases.

Every digital asset inherits the ethics and power of the business they represent, the individuals contributing code and commentary, as well as behavior patterns of their users.

This ethical imprint is in how we differentiate optimization from manipulation. Does this engine accept the practice?

Both involve research and code changes.

Structured data markup is a fancy tech term for slipping a search engine a cheat sheet. That cheat sheet would be approved by some search engines and not others.

Does structured data have moral value? It is an action and it has a consequence.

For the original article click here: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/what-is-ethical-seo/318483/

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Frank Buddenbrock-Search Engine Optimization Expert; Author: The 7 Most Costly Mistakes Lawyers Make Advertising With Google AdWords

Frank Buddenbrock
“The Einstein of AdWords”

Author- “The 7 Most Costly Mistakes Lawyers Make Advertising With Google AdWords

Frank has consulted with numerous legal and professional firms, online retailers, and service providers.

He has held numerous seminars demonstrating the finer, more successful SEO strategies for appearing on Google’s first page. To date, company after company after company has enjoyed Google first page status.

Contact Us:

28191 Laura La Plante Drive
Agoura Hills, CA  91301
email: frank(at)canyoufindmenow.com

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Los Angeles, CA – (March 29, 2014) – With virtually everybody foregoing the print version of the Yellow Pages and rushing to the Internet as their choice of advertising medium, few have embraced it as enthusiastically as the legal field. Unfortunately, law firms are not getting the results they anticipated.

The 7 Most Costly Mistakes Lawyers Make Advertising With Google AdWordsGoogle AdWords expert Frank Buddenbrock identifies in his new book “The 7 Most Costly Mistakes Lawyers Make Advertising with Google AdWords,” the errors that cause poor results. Most importantly, Buddenbrock provides solutions to those costly mistakes.

Buddenbrock states, “Google makes it very easy to spend money advertising on their networks, too easy. It’s interesting to me that when law firms used to do most of their advertising in print mediums such as magazines, newspapers and the Yellow Pages, most of them would hire ad agencies or marketing companies to brainstorm concepts, design a layout, shoot the photos, write the copy, and develop an offer. Now, apparently, anybody can do what took marketing experts, designers, photographers and copywriters years to perfect. Or at least they think so. But when it’s not done right, it costs a fortune.”

In his book, Buddenbrock outlines what he considers the most costly mistakes, from weak Keyword choices, to poorly written ads, to ineffective, or non-existent, landing pages, to not monitoring the results. Buddenbrock believes that testing is crucial to optimizing any campaign.

“The Holy Grail of Internet marketing is the profound abundance of instant data Google offers on how a campaign is performing. The evidence is pretty clear- if you’ve got decent traffic to your site, by studying your Google Analytics and AdWords data, you can know in a week or so, maybe less, if what you’re doing is working, and then tweak it to get it to work better. No other medium that gives you that opportunity to improve your results. John Wanamaker, who many consider to be the father of modern advertising, described how difficult it is to reach potential customers via traditional advertising with his famous quote, ‘Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.’ Using your Google data, you’ll know precisely where your advertising money is going,” Buddenbrock explains.

Buddenbrock beams, “When an AdWords campaign is developed and managed properly, the results can be outstanding. We were hired by a Personal Injury Law Firm in Los Angeles to drive traffic to their site. They got enough new clients to pause their AdWords campaign. It looks like we worked ourselves right out of a job. I’m sure when things slow down, we’ll ramp that campaign back up to do it all again.”

A free electronic version of “The 7 Most Costly Mistakes Lawyers Make Advertising with Google AdWords” is available for download at:


About Frank Buddenbrock

Frank Buddenbrock, sometimes called the “Einstein of AdWords,” is a digital marketing expert and founder of Can You Find Me Now?, a Los Angeles-based marketing services firm providing Online Marketing and social media to major companies worldwide. Buddenbrock has been a Search Engine Optimization expert for 7 years, putting more than 60 companies on Google’s first page. Among his clients are: hospitals, doctors, lawyers, plastic surgeons, retailers, cosmetic firms, restaurants, and manufacturers.

About the Book

The 7 Most Costly Mistakes Lawyers Make Advertising with Google AdWords
by Frank Buddenbrock
Published by Can You Find Me Now?
Publication Date: March 7, 2014


For More Information, or to schedule an interview, contact Frank Buddenbrock of Can You Find Me Now? at (818) 991-7135, or email: frank@canyoufindmenow.com. Visit: http://canyoufindmenow.com



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