5 Basic SEO Best Practices You Can Learn from Major Travel Companies

1. Home Page Text

In my opinion, text content on the home page is one of the most overlooked SEO tactics.

I mean, it’s been around forever, but plenty of sites ignore the home page and just use it as a pretty portal page.

If you’re a paid-ads focused brand, or in the fashion industry – I get it.

But for most sites that prioritize organic search, not enough are doing it.

Hotwire takes advantage of the power of their home page’s link equity, and juices it up with keyword-rich text:

hotwire homepage seoBecause of employing this tactic, it helps them rank on page one for keywords like “travel sites” and “hotel sites”.

Could you leverage this tactic for your website?

2. Home Page Internal Links

For most websites, the home page will be the single most-linked-to page on the site.

So with all of this link equity on the home page, are you helping it flow to your most important commercial pages?

Likely not.

Most websites – large and small – do have their most important pages in their main navigation, but they’re likely missing out on linking to some key pages because of limited space.

Travelocity has one of the most extensive home page internal link structures I’ve found in my research.

It’s quite aggressive:

travelocity internal links
You can certainly bet that they’ve hand-selected these bases on either pages that needed the biggest link boost, the most popular pages, or sections that need to earn more revenue.Your action item: go to your home page now and see if it’s worth adding some internal links to key pages on your site.

3. Internal Links in Footer

There are mixed messages given by commentators in the SEO industry about how optimized and ambitious you can get with footer links.

Some say they’re a good way to ensure your key pages are linked to and crawled.

Others fear that the links are either devalued, completely ignored by Google, or can send unwanted signals.

Hotels.com has no fear and goes straight for it with exact match anchor text:

hotels footer linksShould you do the same on your site?

It depends on the size of your site.

Typically, huge sites with lots of link equity can have massive footers linking internally and still do well.

Smaller sites would be better off adding a few links for crawlability and visibility, but you’re better off linking contextually.

4. Text on Every Important Page

Do these huge travel sites even have the ability to hand-write content for every page on their site?

It seems like a Sisyphean task – there are just too many pages.

Nevertheless, on critical pages that are extra valuable, yes these brands will custom-craft content to rank higher. On less important pages, database-generated content will fill in the gaps.

Kayak has taken the time to create text and faqs on their U.S. to Ireland flights page:

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kayak ireland us flights
Perhaps they’ve been feeling the heat from Google Flights?They’ve continued to march upward in traffic, so perhaps they’re onto something:

kayak traffic ahrefsThe takeaway for you?

If these sites with hundreds of thousands of pages can find a way to get keyword-rich content on their critical pages, you can too.

5. Landing Pages Built just for Organic Keywords

This strategy works oh-so-well. Perfectly pair up keywords with landing pages and scale it up.

This is SEO 101, but what makes companies like Enterprise experts as this is the pure volume of pages required to create and manage.

They nail it in this example and rank #1 for their Boston page:

enterprise boston car rentalThis works beautifully for them, and they have 7,000+ pages just like this, driving over 1.7 million in organic traffic visits a month:

enterprise seo landing pagesCreating a huge amount of landing pages for SEO is typically reserved for large brands.

But those of us running smaller sites can remember the importance of matching keywords to landing pages that serve the user intent.

Even a dozen service or product pages can deliver targeted organic traffic for smaller sites.

For the original article click here: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/basic-seo-best-practices-huge-travel-brands/321433/#close

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