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15 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

posted by Frank Buddenbrock 11:07 PM
Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Work ON It Wednesday- 15 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your WebsiteThe World is on the Internet- you MUST be, too. That’s where they spend huge amounts of time communicating, entertaining, and searching. Take advantage of this checklist of 15 ideas to drive them to your website. Download your pdf of this checklist and keep it handy to keep you on track as you Work ON your business.

Optimize your Paid search, social media advertising, and display advertising opportunities. Research to find which platform works best for your particular business/offer/niche. For some, Google AdWords is  best, for others, Facebook Ads drive the most targeted traffic. Ensure your website’s url is on EVERYTHING- from bus benches to matchbook covers to your company vehicles and all collateral materials.

Promote content through social media channels. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn. And be social. Here is where you build relationships and friendships and increase your engagement. Be sure to respond to and acknowledge comments and likes. Get the conversation going, and keep it going.

Without a compelling headline or email subject line, your content will never get read. Write several (10-20) headlines to find the most compelling. The only responsibility of a subject line is to get the recipient to open the email. Then it’s up to the email’s interesting copy and call to action to engage the visitor.

Long-tail keyword phrases make up the majority of web searches. These are THE terms your potential customer/client is actually typing into a search bar. Target those phrases in ALL your marketing materials. And positively make use of these phrases in your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts.

Becoming an expert guest blogger on an authority website will boost your brand. Approach blog owners and offer to share your expertise with their tribe. This will not only build your celebrity, but will also improve your SEO efforts by increasing your internet footprint and providing valuable relevant back links.

Your guest blogger will provide content for your website (that’s one less thing you’ll have to produce), and most likely promote their content on their own website, which could drive additional visitors to YOUR website. It’ll also increase your credibility and notoriety as you associate with a well-known expert.

Posting content on LinkedIn will boost traffic to your site as well as improve your profile in your industry. Provide and/or share educational and interesting articles to build a growing list of interested readers.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how many people are willing to be interviewed- many of them will be flattered that you recognize their expertise. Publish the interview on your website/blog/social media property. Consider recording an audio version and making it a podcast in addition to the written version. Be sure to offer this content to your interviewee for their own distribution.

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful methods to drive traffic to your website. And it’s one of the most economical- the ROI on a great email campaign could be HUGE. Be sure to develop an ongoing campaign- one-offs rarely have the impact necessary and will cause you to erroneously believe that email doesn’t work.

People love to weigh in on subjects their feel strongly about. Building a community into your website is a great way to begin the conversation. Develop a Facebook group, a LinkedIn group, a monthly MeetUp or create a forum on your own website where discussions can take place. Again, ensure a constant flow of content and conversation.

Posting comments on relevant websites, forums, groups, etc. can help you make a name for yourself. Post relevant and quality comments. No selling here- use this opportunity to share your expertise.

Distribute your content to aggregator websites (Reddit, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Tumblr) to increase your web footprint. Turns out, this is also a valuable SEO backlinking strategy.

Video content is quickly, if it hasn’t already, becoming the king of content. Video has high retention and is an excellent way to grab your audience’s attention. You get to set the pace and the order in which the content is delivered so you have a lot of power here. When displayed on your website (often on your home page), not only is this a fantastic opportunity to describe your products and services, it’ll also increase the time your visitor stays on your site which is another factor Google considers in search engine rankings.

Webinars are extremely effective vehicles to impart your wisdom to an eagerly waiting audience. Archive the webinar for future viewing, and promote it heavily to your email list, social media followers, blog readers, etc.

Speaking at conferences is an excellent way to establish yourself as a thought leader and to gain significant exposure for your website. Find out from the event producer how they are marketing and promoting the event- discover how you can help. Produce something of value and let attendees know that they can obtain it by visiting your website. Develop a method to capture the email addresses of attendees and market to them post-event.


To be sure, there are many more methods to drive traffic to your website, but this list should help to get your creative marketing juices flowing. Here’s to wishing you tons of traffic.

Download your pdf of this checklist and keep it handy to keep you on track as you Work ON your business.

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ace it, Social Media Marketing is THE way that most savvy marketers convey their message to an insatiable, hungry audience. If you’re not using social media marketing platforms like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, Twitter or WordPress, your prospects have virtually no way of finding you on the Internet. And how long can you let THAT go on?

Social media marketing is one of the simpler ways to connect and become involved with your audience.

When you listen to your audience, acknowledge them and their participation in your business, you’ll find that they become more loyal, and champions for your business.

Do you know that more than ninety-five percent of Internet users use online searches when they’re researching YOU? And 45,000,000 Americans have cell phones with Internet capabilities. FaceBook and Twitter have over 700,000,000 members and they’re growing like mad. Shouldn’t you be where these people are looking?

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you easy to find online? And not just by your name. Can they find you by the keywords/terms/phrases that best represent you and your business, service or product?

When your audience visits their favorite online places, will they find YOU? Or will they find your competition?

And once they connect with you, do you already have a program in place where you can engage with them over and over again?

Do you have a plan to start using cell phone marketing?

If the answer to any of these questions is “NO,” you’ve got to ask yourself “WHY NOT?” If you want to keep a viable business, marketing online is a must, because the majority of your competitors are, or will be shortly.

Here are five ways that social media marketing can help you improve your relationship with your clients and to turn them into your biggest fans, because NOTHING is more powerful than a client coming through a referral.

Social media marketing helps you understand your prospects, convert more of them into clients, and then help them becoming your biggest fans.

1. Be Social

Remember, it’s called “SOCIAL MEDIA” for a reason. Never before in history has social media marketing made it so easy to communicate with your prospects, and clients, for such a small investment. And you can, and should, communicate with them over and over again. That’s not to say you should email, text, snail mail or call them every day. You’ll find out soon enough what a good communication interval will be- your audience will tell you! People buy from companies they know, like and trust.

An effective Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and email campaign will give you numerous opportunities to let your audience get to know you, begin to like you, learn to trust you, and develop an on-going beneficial relationship.

Consistent and frequent communication is key, as with any important relationship. Social media marketing makes this possible.

2. You Simply Must Produce Your Own Videos For Social Media Marketing

As of 2011, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine. (YouTube gets over 1 BILLION views per day!) Viewers are going to YouTube for solutions to their problems, looking for videos that’ll show them how to do something, and researching reviews on a product or service.

You must develop a presence there. Create your own YouTube channel and begin posting videos with solutions, how-to’s, and training, etc. You can use a Digital Video Camcorder, or even easier is a Flip Video Camera, or Kodak ZI-8, and now the Kodak ZI-10. (We prefer the ZI-10 because it has an external mic input which allows use of a lavalier mic to get better sound.) All of these cameras shoot in HD, and render incredible-looking videos. Editing tools like Screenflow for the Mac, Sony Vegas Movie Studio, CyberLink’s PowerDirector and even Windows Movie Maker can help you make very cool looking videos.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, here is a video we recently produced.

3. Be creative with your Social Media Marketing platforms

This growing collection of Social Media marketing platforms offer numerous opportunities for growing your business through branding. Here are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

* Get pens made up with your Twitter username (@_______), or with a request to “Connect With Me On Facebook.” There’s a subtle, friendlier feel a person experiences when they get a pen with a Social Media aspect to it rather than a pen with just your company name on it.

* You could do the same with coffee cups/mugs, and the whole advertising specialty realm. Be “social”- have a “meeting” at your business and give attendees their coffee mug in person.

* Make a monthly video and at the end of it, ask viewers to follow you on Twitter or “friend” you on Facebook. Remember to add the Facebook “Like” button to all your pages.

* Include your social media contact information in the signature of your emails and in the Resource Box at the bottom of the articles you write and distribute.

4. Create Your Own Social Network Site

Believe it or not, you can now create your very own Social Network site- in almost no time at all. Two of the better known platforms are Ning.com and SocialGo.com.

At Ning, a fast growing number of political groups, musicians, entertainers and well-known brands find this social networking platform useful. Ellen Degeneres has her own site, as do Hershey’s Chocolate, Martha Stewart, National Republican Congressional Committee and the Epilespy Foundation, just to name a few.

SocialGO calls itself the “social network maker.” They’re based in the UK and offer free and premium plans for building a social network. Some of their customers include: LEVI Strauss, The Apple Store, Walmart, and Random House Publishing.

One nice feature that SocialGO offers is their “live video chat sidebar.” You can dial up a member and chat with them live through the site.

5. Increase Your Brand Exposure And Build Customer Loyalty

Social media marketing, and the Internet, is probably the quickest way a company can build brand loyalty. (Conversely, one of the quickest ways to destroy it, too.) Because you have the potential to reach so many people so quickly, online word-of-mouth can spread your name, business, product and/or service around the world in a matter of minutes.

If you’ve taken good care of your customers, they’re more likely to tell their friends through Twitter, Facebook, their blogs, a personal YouTube video, articles, social bookmarking sites, podcasts, webinars and so on. Since these are the places your customers visit, shouldn’t you be there when they visit? Imagine the potential of having all those people in your corner singing your praises.

When marketing on the Internet, for many businesses it doesn’t matter if you’re local, regional, nationwide or international- you can reach your audience for a fraction of what it costs using “traditional” marketing. Yes, it’s going to take a fair amount of work to develop these social media marketing campaigns, but you would have been doing similar work for traditional marketing. Now, your reach is exponentially greater, with the most important added benefit- you’ll begin having a conversation with your audience. You can’t do that with postcards, magazine ads, expensive four-color catalogs, or even radio and TV advertising.

Social Media Marketing will not improve your bottom line overnight. But if used effectively, you’ll begin to see a momentum shift in your business, and who knows, maybe one of your videos, article or podcasts will go “viral.” Wouldn’t that be nice?

Which social media marketing vehicles have you used? Which ones were most effective? Could you share one of your successes?

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You can download a PDF version of this Social Media Marketing Report. Click Here!



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