Los Angeles, July 27, 2018 — Can You Find Me Now?, an advertising and marketing research company, announced their S.M.A.R.T. (Search Marketing Advantage Research Technology) platform, a proprietary online data solution that provides market research helping U.S. businesses better identify who their target markets are, where they “hang out” online, what they buy, and what to sell to them next.

“Our mission is to provide U.S. companies the data necessary to compete, and gain a winning advantage, in an ever more competitive marketplace,” said Frank Buddenbrock, founder and Chief Research Office of Can You Find Me Now? “Our S.M.A.R.T. platform is extremely powerful- it allows us to show companies demographic and psychographic data points available to them in a very tangible and usable way. We can easily demonstrate data at refined levels, such as who their target market is, where to reach them, what they purchase, and ultimately what to offer to that market.”

“To gain a competitive advantage, we can show them their competitor’s most profitable keywords used in organic search and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, what their monthly PPC budget is, which ads have been most effective and profitable for them, the creative they use for display ads, and I think most powerful, the landing pages where all those ads lead the visitor. Imagine knowing precisely what your competitor is offering, and at what price point. We have data that can tell us recent purchases made by a population- a new car, vacations or travel, beauty products, and even if they recently donated to a charity. Extensive data and comprehensive analytics can give a company a leg up on their competition- it is a profound opportunity to be able to provide this caliber of market data to our clients.”

Can You Find Me Now?’s proprietary S.M.A.R.T. platform makes use of some of the world’s largest, searchable databases of up-to-date information aggregated from a plethora of online sources. With data growing by millions of records every year, the S.M.A.R.T. solution provides actionable intel for market research, sales insights, and the development of competitive strategies. Service providers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, management and business consultants, legal practitioners, and industry analysts use searchable data to design and develop growth strategies, test new markets, and discover potential buyer-seller relationships.

Buddenbrock continues, “We’re so pleased to assist companies as they explore unknown markets, and uncover new buyer relationships while refining their marketing and business strategies. The US market represents huge untapped growth opportunities for many businesses, and our platform helps them gain never-seen-before insights into market trends, and guides them as they develop powerful marketing campaigns.”

Do you need help with your marketing research? What is your most effective method for research?

About Can You Find Me Now?
Can You Find Me Now? is a leader in market research solutions focused on improving the productivity, performance and profitability of businesses through insightful data. Their headquarters is in Los Angeles, California, United States. Learn more at http://www.canyoufindmenow.com.

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Frank Buddenbrock
Tel: +1(818) 991-7135

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Still Marketing The Old Way?

posted by admin 11:43 AM
Wednesday, March 21, 2018

If you see that your business is falling behind, it could just be that you’re marketing the “old way.”

And by “old way,” I mean that you continue to promote your business in a haphazard method, without a structured plan in mind, and are just guessing at what might be of interest to your customers. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Why risk your time, money and energy marketing your service or product if you don’t know there is a crowd of hungry and willing buyers wanting to pay for it? With the virtual mountain of data available through internet market research, the “new” way will take the guesswork out of your marketing campaigns. You’ll be able to craft your ads, emails, social media posts and messaging with laser focus and have your customers beating a path to your door.

Market research can do that.Market Research To Grow Your Business

Imagine knowing who your market actually is, where they hang out online, and what they buy. Wouldn’t that be a huge advantage when communicating with your potential customer?

Through market research you’ll find out who your biggest competitors are, what they are selling, and if their marketing campaigns are successful. You’ll discover which keywords they use for their marketing and which ones are most profitable.

See the ads they write, the graphics and text they use for display ads, and most importantly, you can visit their landing pages where you’ll learn what their offer is, what language/copy they use, and perhaps even discover what they’re charging. Wouldn’t that be a game-changer? It’s almost like spying.

Using market research and your email database, you could discover 35 data points about your people, including household income, what kinds of things they’re interested in such as arts & and crafts, or health and wellness.

You’ll also discover what they purchased recently, including, but not limited to: automotive, home improvement, luxury goods, travel, and technology. Market research will tell you if they’re a high-end brand buyer, a discount shopper, and if they’ve donated to a charity. Just imagine the possibilities of connecting with those people! You could pinpoint exactly WHAT you want to exactly WHO you want.

Proper market research is the cornerstone of every successful business and will show you exactly what your customers want to buy from you. Our proprietary Can You Find Me Now Market Research Dossier can provide you with all the data mentioned which will virtually guarantee your “success” before you ever create another marketing message. To talk about how to get your customized Dossier, schedule a call by clicking the button below.

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Marketing Plan Check-up For New Product or Service

posted by Frank Buddenbrock 10:29 PM
Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The marketing plan you’re developing for a new product or service should be designed to achieve certain objectives. Your plan’s success will depend on determining if those objectives are indeed the “correct” ones, and if the plan is properly implemented. By answering the following questions, you will ensure that your marketing plan is moving in the right direction. Download your printable version of this worksheet.

1. Who are you trying to reach? Can you succinctly describe your ideal buyer? This helps tremendously when formulating your offer. How have you determined that this is the correct target?

EXAMPLE IDEAL BUYER: Angelica- a 28-year-old single Caucasian woman. College graduate. Loves to travel and frequently eats out at posh restaurants with her girl friends. Drives a 5-year-old Japanese SUV. Loves the outdoors. Owns a labradoodle. Is not planning on getting married. Is a work-a-holic. Owns a Samsung smart phone. Eschews social media. Is an Amazon Prime member.

2. Where can you reach your most likely prospects? Are they Online/offline? The description of the idea buyer above will help you decide the most likely places to reach her.

3. When is your message most likely to be well-received? Choose your timing carefully. Selling skis in August, or picnic baskets in January may not be the best-timed events. Make sure your promotion isn’t overshadowed by another anticipated event. Think Super Bowl.

4. Have you determined how many prospects you have to reach to make this viable? How did you arrive at that number? If you can’t economically reach your prospect, you may have to re-think your plan. Don’t spend so little that you remain “invisible.”

5. How frequently will you present your offer to your market? Does your budget take multiple touches into account? A new product/service will need lots of help to just get on your market’s radar. Will this campaign’s budget survive the long haul?

6. What can you do to make your message/promotion stand out from the noise and clutter? Can you select the most effective media that will enhance your message?

7. Think Different. Have you looked at this from multiple angles? Have you had other members of your team analyze your plan? Do you need to consider alternative approaches?

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Marketing A New Service Or Product?

posted by admin 11:40 AM
Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Every year, businesses introduce thousands of new products or services. It could be to garner a larger share of a particular audience, it could be the latest and greatest invention since sliced bread (or the iPhone), or it could be just the latest fad. Unfortunately, only a fraction of them will be successful. Even the biggest companies (remember New Coke) have had their failures. This checklist will help you to evaluate whether or not to consider bringing a new service or product to market. (I’m going to use “product” to represent both service and product.) Download your pdf copy of this checklist.

Check out some of my other Work ON It Wednesday checklists/worksheets.

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15 Ways to Drive More Visitors To Your Website

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15 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

posted by Frank Buddenbrock 11:07 PM
Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Work ON It Wednesday- 15 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your WebsiteThe World is on the Internet- you MUST be, too. That’s where they spend huge amounts of time communicating, entertaining, and searching. Take advantage of this checklist of 15 ideas to drive them to your website. Download your pdf of this checklist and keep it handy to keep you on track as you Work ON your business.

Optimize your Paid search, social media advertising, and display advertising opportunities. Research to find which platform works best for your particular business/offer/niche. For some, Google AdWords is  best, for others, Facebook Ads drive the most targeted traffic. Ensure your website’s url is on EVERYTHING- from bus benches to matchbook covers to your company vehicles and all collateral materials.

Promote content through social media channels. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn. And be social. Here is where you build relationships and friendships and increase your engagement. Be sure to respond to and acknowledge comments and likes. Get the conversation going, and keep it going.

Without a compelling headline or email subject line, your content will never get read. Write several (10-20) headlines to find the most compelling. The only responsibility of a subject line is to get the recipient to open the email. Then it’s up to the email’s interesting copy and call to action to engage the visitor.

Long-tail keyword phrases make up the majority of web searches. These are THE terms your potential customer/client is actually typing into a search bar. Target those phrases in ALL your marketing materials. And positively make use of these phrases in your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts.

Becoming an expert guest blogger on an authority website will boost your brand. Approach blog owners and offer to share your expertise with their tribe. This will not only build your celebrity, but will also improve your SEO efforts by increasing your internet footprint and providing valuable relevant back links.

Your guest blogger will provide content for your website (that’s one less thing you’ll have to produce), and most likely promote their content on their own website, which could drive additional visitors to YOUR website. It’ll also increase your credibility and notoriety as you associate with a well-known expert.

Posting content on LinkedIn will boost traffic to your site as well as improve your profile in your industry. Provide and/or share educational and interesting articles to build a growing list of interested readers.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how many people are willing to be interviewed- many of them will be flattered that you recognize their expertise. Publish the interview on your website/blog/social media property. Consider recording an audio version and making it a podcast in addition to the written version. Be sure to offer this content to your interviewee for their own distribution.

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful methods to drive traffic to your website. And it’s one of the most economical- the ROI on a great email campaign could be HUGE. Be sure to develop an ongoing campaign- one-offs rarely have the impact necessary and will cause you to erroneously believe that email doesn’t work.

People love to weigh in on subjects their feel strongly about. Building a community into your website is a great way to begin the conversation. Develop a Facebook group, a LinkedIn group, a monthly MeetUp or create a forum on your own website where discussions can take place. Again, ensure a constant flow of content and conversation.

Posting comments on relevant websites, forums, groups, etc. can help you make a name for yourself. Post relevant and quality comments. No selling here- use this opportunity to share your expertise.

Distribute your content to aggregator websites (Reddit, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Tumblr) to increase your web footprint. Turns out, this is also a valuable SEO backlinking strategy.

Video content is quickly, if it hasn’t already, becoming the king of content. Video has high retention and is an excellent way to grab your audience’s attention. You get to set the pace and the order in which the content is delivered so you have a lot of power here. When displayed on your website (often on your home page), not only is this a fantastic opportunity to describe your products and services, it’ll also increase the time your visitor stays on your site which is another factor Google considers in search engine rankings.

Webinars are extremely effective vehicles to impart your wisdom to an eagerly waiting audience. Archive the webinar for future viewing, and promote it heavily to your email list, social media followers, blog readers, etc.

Speaking at conferences is an excellent way to establish yourself as a thought leader and to gain significant exposure for your website. Find out from the event producer how they are marketing and promoting the event- discover how you can help. Produce something of value and let attendees know that they can obtain it by visiting your website. Develop a method to capture the email addresses of attendees and market to them post-event.


To be sure, there are many more methods to drive traffic to your website, but this list should help to get your creative marketing juices flowing. Here’s to wishing you tons of traffic.

Download your pdf of this checklist and keep it handy to keep you on track as you Work ON your business.

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